Flex Maxi
179 EUR  / month

All prices excluding value added tax (MwSt.)

This plan renews automatically.
Cancellation Notice 30 days

this monthly membership plan includes unlimited hours of coworking, a free locker, 8 hours free use of the small meeting and 20% discount on all other meeting room rates.

  • Locker (also as upgrade from business to registered business address)
    0.00 EUR / month
  • Geschäftsadresse / Business Address
    21.00 EUR / month
  • Bildschirmaufbewahrung / Monitor Storage
    9.00 EUR / month
Booking Credits
  • 3. Meeting Room Hourly Pass
    8h/month included
    Price per hour: 16.00 EUR
Booking Passes
  • Childcare/Kinderbetreuung
    1. Childcare / Kinderbetreuung
    Hours: 1
    Price: 10.00 EUR
    Childcare Sibling/Kinderbetreuung Geschwisterkind
    2. Sibling / Geschwisterkind
    Hours: 1
    Price: 5.00 EUR
    Conference Room Hourly Pass
    5. Conference Room Hourly Pass
    Hours: 1
    Price: 31.00 EUR
    Workshop Room Hourly Pass
    4. Workshop Room Hourly Pass
    Hours: 1
    Price: 22.00 EUR
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