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Guest/Trial Day

Use this plan if you do not have a membership and would like to book a room or if you are coming by for a free trial day (one time offer).

  • 1.0h Conference Room Hourly Pass: 40 EUR
  • 1.0h Workshop Room Hourly Pass: 25 EUR
  • 1.0h Meeting Room Hourly Pass: 18 EUR
  • 1.0h Projector: 11 EUR
  • 1.0h Flatscreen: 11 EUR
  • 8.0h Workshop Kit: 15,01 EUR
  • 1.0h Childcare/Kinderbetreuung: 10 EUR
  • 1.0h Childcare Sibling/Kinderbetreuung Geschwisterkind: 5 EUR

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