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Coworking & Childcare

Buy Coworking and Childcare booking passes by the hour or save a few Euros by buying larger packages of 10 or 20 hours and use them as needed.

To register for childcare please buy booking passes and enter your desired time into the booking calendar. Please book childcare by 7 pm the day before.

In case of an unexpected childcare “emergency” you can call or email to check availability, drop-in visits are discouraged. Unfortunately we can not guarantee a spot for short-term bookings.

Free cancellation possible until 2 hours before the booking. Unused childcare bookings will not be reimbursed.

Included in one pass is a desk and childcare for 1 child. Childcare for siblings must be booked separately (4,20€/hour).

Childcare hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM.

Our Terms of Use for Childcare can be found on our website in German and English:

  • 1.0h 1h Coworking & Childcare : 11 EUR
  • 10.0h 10h Coworking & Childcare Package: 105 EUR
  • 20.0h 20h Coworking & Childcare Package: 200 EUR
  • 1.0h 1h Sibling (Geschwisterkind): 4,20 EUR
  • 1.0h 1h Meeting Room: 16 EUR
  • 1.0h 1h Workshop Room: 20 EUR
  • 1.0h 1h Conference Room: 28 EUR

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